Correlation between changes in prolactin and melatonin serum levels after radical mastectomy

Tumori. 1987 Jun 30;73(3):263-7.
Lissoni P, Paolorossi F, Barni S, Tancini G, Crispino S, Rovelli F, Ferri L, Esposti G, Esposti D, Fraschini F.
MLT serum values were significantly higher in patients than in controls. Radical mastectomy influences PRL and MLT secretions.
Prolactin (PRL) Melatonin (MLT)

The clinical significance of melatonin serum determination in oncological patients and its correlations with GH and PRL blood levels

Eur J Cancer Clin Oncol. 1987 Jul;23(7):949-57.
Lissoni P, Bastone A, Sala R, Mauri R, Rovelli F, Viviani S, Bajetta E, Esposti D, Esposti G, di Bella L, et al.
The oncological patients showed higher mean melatonin serum levels than the control subjects. Mlt values were lower in patients with solid tumours who had metastases. Chemotherapy caused a decre- ase. Surgery was followed by a fall in melatonin in patients without metastases.
Mlt/oncological patients

A study on the relationship between the pineal gland and the opioid system in patients with cancer. Preliminary considerations

Cancer. 1988 Aug 1;62(3):494-9.
Esposti D, Lissoni P, Tancini G, Barni S, Crispino S, Paolorossi F, Rovelli F, Ferri L, Cattaneo G, Esposti G, et al.
The beta-endorphin/melatonin ratio was higher than 2 in normal subjects and in cancer patients without metastases, whereas was lower than 2 in all patients with metastases.
Pineal and opioid system

Effects of the pineal hormone melatonin on the proliferation and morphological characteristics of human breast cancer cells (MCF-7) in culture

Cancer Res. 1988 Nov 1;48(21):6121-6.
Hill SM, Blask DE.
Melatonin (10(-9) M; 10(-11) M) exerts a direct but reversible, antiproliferative effect on MCF-7 cell growth in culture.
Ultrastructural features


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